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Sunday, June 13, 2010

YES PLUS NEPAL website coming soon


Official website of YES!+ NEPAL chapter is coming soon where we will have profiles teachers, YES!+ graduates, courses and events update, knowledge, fun, entertainment and much more. Many surprises hehe...

so website will be

your comments regarding websites, ideas, tips will be highly appreciated. Thank you


Saturday, June 12, 2010

New YES!+ Session By Rohit Sir

June 12, 2010

New YES!+ session will be taken by Rohit Sir, YES!+ Delhi Teacher.
This time, course will be of 6 days, with extra added bonus features.

Starting date: June 15 2010 ( tuesday) - June 20 2010 ( sunday)
Time: 5:30am - 9 am , Kopundole
Time: 3pm - 7 pm, Art of Living center, New Baneshwor( Behind Everest Hotel)

Seats Limited, Hurry up
Contact: 9841474343, 9851019045

Love n Peace
Jai Guru Dev

Rocking session with YES!+ Delhi teacher, Rohit Sir

Wow...what an energy... what a simplicity, complexity, strictness, fun, silence and celebration....

June 11 Friday 2010.
Rohit sir shared his experieince and knowledge and taught us many things applicable for life, charged us with full energy. We took a group Sankalpa to bring 108 participants in YES!+ course that starts from June 15 Tuesday 2010.
He talked about 3 categories of people who cannot take YES!+ course. hehe.. and many other things..which can be disclosed only to YES!+ graduates....and 20 minutes to call 3 people was also quite enthusiastic.....
Then our ROCK SATSANG began with Ganesha Om..hehe.... and Jhule Nanda Lala which shook the tail feathers....Hari narayana by Rohit sir... Birthday Celebration of 2 YES!+ gradauates... and lot more...

It was a blast .... YES!+ rocks...

Jai Guru Dev

Sunday, June 6, 2010

YES!+ fire wide spread at JORPATI creating BIG RECORD

Very happy and excited to share this informaton with all of you. Its very inspirational too.

First course of YES!+ at Jorpati : 23rd- 29th May 2010 including 26 participants.

Now second course of YES!+ at Jorpati again: 6th June - 12th June 2010 including 50+ participants.

After the first YES!+ course, participants were so happy that they started sharing their experiences to people and friends around their locality. People started to become jealous and curious about the ever SMILEY faces of YES!+ graduates. And then with the initatiation of graduates, participants and local people 2nd YES!+ course is running now at Jorpati with more than 50+ participants. This is the highest ever number till today in Nepal.
HATS OFF TOO : Ranjan Raj Aryal, Udip Dhungel, Ganesh Subedi , all the YES!+ graduates, Pashupati Baral and all of them for their heartful support.

This is also one of the good example of social responsibility towards making a healthy society.

If you want to organize YES!+ in your area, Contact us. We are always ready.

Love n peace to all. and HIP HIP HURRAY JORPATI............